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Aquatics Director

Aquatics Director

Job Title: Aquatics Director
Reports To: Owner
Type: Full-time, 40 hours weekly, some day shifts, evening shifts, and weekend shifts required
Salary Range: $35,000-$55,000 depending on experience.

Essential Job Duties:
Hiring, Training & Developing People: 

Facilitating Red Cross Lifeguard, First aid, & CPR classes: Facilitation lifeguard classes as we hire new staff. Classes are hybrid classes. All staff must be lifeguard certified upon hiring for a lifeguard role, and no less then 60 days for all other roles.Ongoing Education: Development and communication of ongoing education material. Ensuring you are working with the franchise to stay up to date with softwares and training library. Hiring: Ensure we are fully staffed at all times, conduct interviews, preform monthly curriculum consults with each instructor.

Staff Culture: Development and continuation of positive work environment for all staff that maintains exceptional lesson quality and outstanding customer service.

Aquatic Excellence Tasks:

Maintain excellent communication with swim families: Ability to explain the skill progression and answer questions regarding lessons and swimmer progression. Ability to test swimmers out of levels and explain progression to parents. Curriculum: Monitor quality of lessons and hold instructors accountable for skill progression of swimmers by following the brand standard of the Franchise. Keep all instructors up to date on curriculum and monitor progression. Lead C2 process. WAVE Swim Team Prep: Lead and manage the Wave Swim Team Prep Program. Which includes but is not limited to: Tryouts, practices, swim meets, billing, scheduling, doing VA’s for swimmers, parent communication, franchise communication, etc.

CPO & Chemical Check: Work with Owner to maintain pools and pump room and have a working understanding of the pump room to trouble shoot problems with the pools or chemicals- willing to become CPO certified.
SwimLabs & Dartfish: Ensure proper use and upkeep of dart fish software. Actively reach out to completive swimmers and run video analysis lessons.

Monthly Testing: Ability to test swimmers out of levels, per the franchise standards and explain progression to parents. Teaching Classes: You will have one teaching shift per week in the water that is reoccurring to stay current with the curriculum.


Sling: Responsible for staff scheduling & finding subs when needed.

Online Scheduling Software: Become an expert of the scheduling system and ensure enough product is out for customers to enroll. Ideally, keeping us staffed and planned for 80% capacity at all times.

Front desk management: multi-tasking includes scheduling, enrollments, payments, waitlists, working through customer and/or staff concerns, rapid email/phone responses.

Office Admin: Tasks will vary. Some will include but are not limited to: filing, scanning, printing, postage, billing declines, communicating closures, keeping all websites up to date with staff and hours, etc.

Swim Schedule: Work with Owner to maintain and adjust lesson schedule during seasonality changes.

Special Events: Find 6-10 events in the community that we can do annually and staff them accordingly.

Cleanliness & Organization: Maintain high level of standard throughout and at the end of shift. Tasks include bathrooms, floors, showers, garbage removal on a daily basis. More deep cleaning tasks required on an as needed basis. Clutter free workspaces, lobby, and pool area.

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

Education Level : Associate Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters

Business Location : 6940 Green Bay Rd

Hourly Pay/Salary Range : $35,000 - $55,000

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